Svendborg Mit Liv

"SVENDBORG MIT LIV" (Anja Behrens)



Instruktør: Anja Behrens / Lys: Sara Clemmensen 

Foto: Carsten Petersen

A devised theatre production about Svendborg, a town in the southern part of the Island of Funen.
We worked in an old rough building at Svendborg Harbour, originally used for building big ships. We transformed it into an old dusty archive for Svendborg with boxes in all sizes, containing the history of the town. The boxes were opened during the performance and surprises came out - exposing and exploring Svendborg’s identity.

Foto: Carsten Petersen
Foto: Carsten Petersen
Foto: Carsten Petersen
Foto: Carsten Petersen

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