Walking, Talking Minerals

Walking, Talking Minerals is organized as a dramaturgy of material in the format durational performative scenography. It is performed in two shifting architectural contexts: the white cube and the black box.

In the performative scenography the Belgian born dancer Mirte Bogaert labors sand – moves it around the space creating and destroying tableaus in a continuous loop.

The choreography focuses on the body as a machine, extended by tools, considering the power with which humans work materials – and to an equal extent – how humans are overpowered by it. The concept has considered one material: stone, worked to different degrees by a human body creating different materializations: stone, gravel and grained into sand.

The soundscape, the physical labor, the shaping of materials spatially and the dancer’s natural exhaustion through the work makes up the performance and the scenography.


The dancer is the scenographer
The choreography draws the space – in materials
The performer dances the space

Throughout the piece different tools will be used. Some made from ancient techniques, some 3D printed using newer techniques.

The musical score is composed in and out of distorted and manipulated real sounds of the material, the actual sounds of the actions – considering silence and connecting sonically to the things in the space.


The dancer is the instrument
The instrument choreographs the space


Walking, Talking Minerals is a context-specific dance performance realized in two different spatial-institutional contexts; the performing arts institution and the visual arts institution. All spaces are danced as a landscape-score by performer Mirte Bogaert and sounded by Johan August Dyrløv Høegh.

  1. The first manifestation, WTM#01, was a performative scenography in Palmera Gallery in Bergen during Meteor International Theater Festival 2021. Recycled plastic object 3D-printed by 91-92.
    Photos by Olga Regitze
  2. The second, WTM#02, was a performative scenography in the black box of Norwegian Theatre Academy, March 4, 2022. The black box hosted an encounter between sand, tool, dancer and architecture/institution – displaying the power dynamic within that spatio-temporal assemblage and how it fictionalized materials.
    ​Photos by Christian Bermudez
  3. The third, WTM#03, is a durational performative scenography in O-Overgaden Kunsthal, Copenhagen, Denmark, May 2, 2022. This context will host an encounter between sand, tools, body and the exhibition “Wild, Warm and Cautious” of artist Annette Holdensen. Asking questions to the power dynamic within that spatio-temporal assemblage – the curation between artworks and through it questioning the role of the scenographer as an independent artist.
    Photos by Rita Christina Biza


Concept, scenography & costume
Olga Regitze Dyrløv Høegh

Mirte Bogaert

Sound design
Johan August Dyrløv Høegh 

Sound technician 
Tobias Grann

Recycled plastic object 3D-printed by

Norwegian Theatre Academy/Østfold University College

WTM#01: Olga Regitze
WTM#02: Christian Bermudez
WTM#03: Rita Christina Biza


Walking, Talking Minerals at Meteor International Theatre Festival, Bergen, Norway
Walking, Talking Minerals at The Norwegian Theatre Academy, Black box, Fredrikstad, Norway
Walking, Talking Minerals at Overgaden for samtidskunst, Copenhagen, Denmark

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